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what is even going on in this comic i


Speaking of cuddly widdle bears of death. Here’s some panels.

This calls for my patented response to anything weird in graphic storytelling media:

COMICS! *jazzhands*

…there’s an animal in one of the discworld books that is basically death falling from a tree….No sure if it’s a bear…or which book. Think it’s a Rincewind one.

Also what comic are these panels from?

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Me and the Discworld series

I have a great love the the Discworld series.  Not a blind love mind you, there are certain books that I think are weak, and at least 1 thing plot wise I wish he hadn’t done.

I am though, of the opinion that you don’t really love a thing if you can’t see it’s flaws.

I 1st read a Discworld book the summer after I graduated high school. It was “Interesting Times”. If you’re a fan you know that isn’t the 1st of the series and you also know it doesn’t matter. Large numbers of the Discworld books can be read out of order without a problem.

The Discworld series have become not only books I really enjoy, but the books I read when I’m feeling shitty and I just can’t make it stop.  It helps, every time.

It holds a special place in my heart.

There’s a dude who runs a blog where he reads something he knows next to nothing about out loud to the camera, occasionally interjecting his reactions, and writing his reactions.  He’s started reading the Discworld series.   There are over 40 books in the series.

-I don’t care if I’ve mentioned this before so hush-

He’s falling in love with the book.

I get to watch someone become a fan of something I love.

I’ve tried many times to get friends and family into the series, but really that’s only worked once.  I try to be good about it, but there is some pouting.

-to those I have done this to thank you for being tolerant of me-

This would be the long way of saying you’re in for some Discworld quotes.

You have been warned.

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